Alex villas
We build commercial villas in Bali
30% cheaper due to coronavirus
Invest $260 000 - $1 600 000 into construction of villas by the ocean in Bali with 6 year payback period (17% annual return)

Alex villas
In October 2020 we will begin the construction of a 9 villa complex
We are constructing 4-, 3- and 2 bedroom villas
Cost of investment and return on the investment:
4r - 470.000$ / return on the investment $7000 a month / land plot area - 350 m2 / area of a villa - 255 м²
3r - 350.000$ / return on the investment 5.000$ a month / land plot area- 250 м² / area of a villa - 166 м²
2r - 260.000$ / return on the investment 3.500$ a month / land plot area - 200 м² / area of a villa - 120 м²
Return on the investment is paid out in $$$

Modern Loft style fully furnished and fully equipped villas.
Some villas are already sold.
About us
Financial model.
How do we get 17 % annual return?

Plan for paying back our investors
12-15 months construction process:
We will start construction works in October 2020 and launch rentals in January 2022.
2022 year
By the end of 2022 investors will receive 17 % of the cost of investmen
2027 year
Reaching breakeven point
2050 year
500% total return on the investment
If you want to know the details, you can fill out the application form and we will send you our financial model.
Coronavirus. Why you should invest now?
How does coronavirus affect the cost of building villas?
Land. We managed to take land 20% cheaper. After the situation returns to normal, we expect prices to continue to rise

Materials. Now construction companies are on the brink of survival, so materials can be found at prices close to cost

Work force. People have little work now. Today in the AIRsheep project, which we are building in Bali, the payroll has been reduced by 40%
When will Bali open to tourism?
According to official data, the borders for tourists will open at the beginning of 2021. This does not affect us in any way, since at this time we will be busy with construction.

The source of information
Cooperation plan
Cost of investment varies from $260 000 to $ 1 600 000
We are raising $3 170 000 for the construction of a villa complex.
For today we need to collect $1 600 000 to reach our goal.
Launching the project in January 2022
Construction works will be started in October 2020.
The project will be launched in January 2022.
Property management is our competitive edge and field of expertise.
Today we are managing 33 villas with 80% average occupancy.
We provide full management service to ensure passive income with lower risks for our clients.
We offer a variety of payment methods to pay out dividends to our investors. We will start paying out dividends the second month after the project is launched.
17 % annual return is an average ratio of profitability. There is a possibility of higher annual return.
Value increased by 200 % and resale
After the construction of villa complex is completed value of villas will increase by 40%.
Our goal is to reach 200% mark.
You can find the business case below.
Assess the interiors of the villas:
Click on the link to take a virtual tour or view more images of the project
LOCATION is what gives us competitive advantage
Actions speak louder than words
ALEX VILLAS track record speaks for itself

Here's the information for you to see the actual numbers. Today we are managing 33 villas with 80 % average occupancy in the same price range which reduces payback period to 5 years.

↓ First of all, view the video ↓
What do management services include?
Online booking platforms
Our satisfied customers left us more than 2100 positive reviews with 4.5 average rating.
"What types of agreements will be signed up to close a deal?"
4 types of agreements will be signed up.

1. An agreement on land renting for 29 years between ALEX VILLAS Company (AV) and an investor.
2. An agreement on construction services between AV and an investor.
3. An agreement on villas management between AV and an investor.
4. General agreement which unites the three agreements mentioned above.
Do I need to come to Bali to sign up the agreements?
No, you don't. Deal can be closed remotely. Fax versions of a signed agreement are legally binding. Original agreements can be send via DHL.
How is land and villa ownership registered?
A land lease agreement for 30 years between a buyer (a natural person who can be a citizen of any country) and an owner (a citizen of Indonesia) will be signed up and notarized in Bali.
According to the land lease agreement the investor is the owner of immovable property constructed on the rented land plot.
How ALEX VILLAS Company pays out return on the investment?
1return on the investment is paid 4 times a year on a quarterly basis in USD. Money is paid out as a transfer to a bank account , in cryptocurrency or to a PAYPAL account.
If you want to view the legal documents, you can fill out the application form below and we will send you the templates
Bali: official statistics
Value increase of the villa complex

Why invest in real estate in Bali?
Will the property increase in value? How much will the value increase?
Heat the button below to view the official statistics and our arguments so you can draw your own conclusion.
Competitive Analysis
What our competitors offer for the same amount of money.

Our active investor's reviews
  • Invested $23000
    Return on the investment: $8320 ( 34,7 %)
    Duration of cooperation: 1 year
    Country: the USA
    Trevor Holly
  • Invested more than $100 000
    Return on the investment: $27 000 (27 %)
    Duration of cooperation: 5 years
    Country: Ukraine
    Dimitri Sadovnitchiy
    co-founder of Law Insider
  • Invested more than $ 150 000
    Return on the investment: $34 500 (23 %)
    Duration of cooperation: 4years
    Country: Russia
    Andrey Bashmakov
    co-founder of Vmodelsmgmt Vmodelsmgmt
  • Invested more than $31500
    Return on the investment: $6300 (40 %)
    Duration of cooperation: 6 months
    Country: Russia
    Maxim Rogovtsev
Founder of Alex Villas company. Contact information
Alex Shtefan
Founder of Indonesian company ALEX VILLAS licensed to provide real estate construction and management services. He has been investing and managing 33 villas in Bali for 6 years
Contact Us via Messengers: +62 82340110905
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