Investment proposal
Increase your capital by
$ 4,800,000 over 10 years.
Invest in a hotel in Bali

Invest $ 1.990.000 and become an owner
an exclusive hotel with a yield of
4% per annum
Due to the coronavirus,
the hotel price has been reduced by $ 300,000
INVESTMENTS: 1.990.000$
We sell a hotel in Bali for $ 1.990.000.
In 10 years it will bring you ~ $ 4.835.000 net. How?
RENTAL PROFIT: 2.675.000$
We will rent the hotel daily for 10 years. With a load of 65% - we get $ 2.675.000 profit.
For 10 years, selling quality service to guests, the hotel will give $ 1.150.000 profit
How? We will tell you below!
Consists of 3 villas.
This is the most unique boutique hotel in Bali.
First, evaluate it visually:
Figures and Arguments
We have 3 channels of hotel monetization:
Rental. 2.675.000$ - profit for 10 years. How?
Income for 10 years:
  • 1750$ - daily cost of delivery of the entire complex
  • 92% - average hotel occupancy before the pandemic
  • 65% - average market occupancy rate. When calculating, we will start from it.
  • 1.750$ (day) * 30 (days) * 65% (workload) = 34.125$ -- monthly revenue
  • 34.125$ * 12 = 409.500$ - the hotel's annual revenue

4.095.000$ - revenue for 10 years from the commissioning of the hotel under the average market scenario of occupancy

* when loading the hotel in 92% revenue will be 5.796.000$

2.675.000$ - your net rental income for 10 years.
And this is at boot 65%

* - while loading 92% profit will be 3.951.600$

The costs are shown in the financial model.
Leave a request to receive it.
Upselling. ~1.150.000$ for 10 years. By what means?
How you can earn more:
  • personal chef, kitchen, catering
  • SPA
  • excursions
  • personal driver, bike, car, helicopter and superjet rental
  • grocery and premium alcohol delivery
  • hookahs
  • snorkeling, fishing
  • yachts, jet skis, catamarans, boats
  • sale of paintings and decor
  • organization of events
  • photo sessions and video shooting
  • showcase with jewelry
  • organizing a romantic dinner
We have trusted partners who will close all questions. The management company will coordinate everything.

To find out how upsells will bring 1.150.000$ - check out the fin.model.
Capitalization and sale for 3.000.000$. How?
In 5 years the capitalization of the hotel will grow to ~3.000.000$.
After examining 2 links, you will see how this happens:

- Link # 1. Official statistics, arguments and figures

- Link # 2. Competitive analysis
4.835.000$ - final calculation of profit
Profit calculation for 10 years:
2.675.000$ rental profit
1.150.000$ upselling
3.000.000$ hotel sale
1.990.000$ purchase price of an asset
4.835.000$ - net profit for 10 years.

* The sale of the hotel is taken into account in the calculations for visualizing the capitalization ☝🏻
** Leave a request for a financial model to receive a detailed calculation of profitability👇🏻
To learn more about the numbers - leave a request and we will send you financial model.
About object
Now we will give you a few more reasons why this hotel is a good investment, why it should be in your portfolio. In the meantime, there is no need to know about it.
20.000.000 subscribers 23.000.000 VIEWS
The hotel is unique in that it is loved by Instagram and Youtube. This is free advertising.

19.836.000 followers on Instagram
Media people who filmed content at the hotel and made a mark

23.000.000 views on Youtube
On videos that were filmed at the hotel.

And we didn't pay a penny for advertising;)
Object specification
Sensation Hotel consists of 3 villas
Territory area: 3.400 m2
Living area of objects: 590 m2
Other buildings area: 160 m2

Villa Cloud
- villa area 350 m2
- the area of the territory is 1600 m2
- number of bedrooms: 3
- built at the end of 2018
- pool

Villa Laut
- villa area: 120 m²
- area of the territory: 680 m2
- number of bedrooms: 2
- built in 2016 - pool

Villa Pryaniki
- villa area 120 m²
- territory area 550 m2
- number of bedrooms: 2
- built in July 2019
- pool

On the territory there is also: a building of a professional kitchen, a gallery, a warehouse and a reception, a SPA area, a loundry, parking, paths and a large terrace overlooking the ocean (80 m2).
About location
The hotel is located in a good location and has the following competitive advantages:
  • близость к океану: первая линия
  • proximity to the ocean: first line
  • beautiful black sand beach "Pasut"
  • view of rice fields and palm grove
  • low building density, privac
Privacy is what characterizes the Tabanan area. People here get privacy and at the same time are a 30-minute drive from the bustling infrastructure of restaurants and shops in Canggu.

The exclusivity of the project and the oceanfront location surrounded by palm groves and rice fields creates a high competitive advantage and even without advertising ensures hotel occupancy.

The lack of restaurants around makes its own kitchen work well.
In terms of marketing, the goal is as follows: to ensure a stable utilization of facilities at the level of at least 65% per year.

How we will overfulfill the plan:
  • Booking accounts. Their correct packaging ensures a stable and free flow of customers. According to insider statistics from Airbnb, the average occupancy of objects in our segment is 45%. Today we have everything covered here.
  • Instagram visuals are our competitive advantage. It's real to stay at the hotel to make cool content. This is free marketing.
  • Instagram and social media for our hotel is a big growth point. By interacting with bloggers, we can get the full occupancy of the villas.
  • Search engines. Promotion in them also has solid potential - there are many requests for rental housing in Bali. To do this, you need to package a good site.
  • Partners. Unplowed, huge field. Travel and real estate agencies can sell Sensation Hotel. We will sell the shooting of clips and photo sessions to show business. There are many schemes👍🏻
  • Average check. Today the hotel has room to develop: for example, the enhanced Villa Cloud. In low season, daily price: $ 600, in summer: $ 850, in NG: $ 900. There were clients to whom we sold for $ 1,500 per day, but we need to work with this.

We are determined to make the best case, and therefore we are ready to get involved and realize all points of growth. For this, it is important to choose the best management company on the market. More on this below ↓
Management Company
At the moment, the hotel already has a staffed and experienced staff, a management company. However, there are unrealized growth points here, so we have selected the best management companies and will invite you to consider them.

One of the options:
- in the management of the management company more than 40 objects in Bali
- has been working since 2014
- more than 50 investors entrusted their money to the management

As part of the team:
- strong owner
- management of booking management
- manager - meeting, accommodating guests, monitoring staff, ordering and buying products for the kitchen
- 5 housekeepers - do cleaning and also perform the function of cooks. They are trained to work on the hotel menu
- 2 gardeners
- manager responsible for raising the check and upselling
Legal issues and land renewals
We will draw up the entire transaction legally and competently.

- Agreement for the acquisition of buildings, re-registration of the right to lease land (agreement with the owners)
- Agreement for extending the lease of land for 15 years (agreement with the owner of the land)

  • Land area: 3.400 m²
  • The paid lease end date is December 2030. Land is formalized in Leasehold.
  • The cost of renting land for the year is $ 345 per 100 m². That's $ 11,730 per year.
  • Land renewal for 15 years costs $ 175.950. The renewal amount is already included in the purchase price of the hotel.
If you have any questions - leave a request.
Details, emotional coloring of the hotel (a lot of text)
At this point we will tell you about the details of the hotel. We will try to convey the emotional coloring of the objects.

Villa "Laut":
  • The atmosphere of the villa is the real creative residence of the human traveler.
  • Located at the very foot of the ocean in a small palm grove. It has the most starry skies on earth, secluded beaches, shimmering black sand and emerald rice terraces.
  • Built of iron wood.
  • Unique antique doors installed
  • Furniture made according to our own design sketches in teak wood
  • The roof is tiled with ironwood tiles
  • Rare Chinese wardrobe of the beginning of the last century brought from the island of Java
  • Chests and high dresser bar by Felix Monge
  • Toilets and faucets: the Kohler brand
  • Terzani chandeliers, handmade chandeliers
  • The perimeter of the villa is decorated with a unique sculptural composition. More than 50m of sculptures and reliefs created based on the art of Kalimantan
  • The front door is a unique antique element of decor and functionality, which is more than 100 years old

To summarize:
Laut is an amazing, fabulous villa. It is like a precious box, which contains a mosaic of culture and objects with their own, unique, national and temporary character.

The interior of the villa combines designer furniture, details from different eras and countries. Here it is difficult not to pay attention to the many exclusive things created according to the sketches of the owners-architects. All this is like the plot of a beautiful tale of travel and romance.

Villa "Cloud"
  • Main Villa of the Sensation Boutique Hotel
  • The fantastic architecture of the villa consists of 5 huge spheres
  • Infinity pool reflects a huge white floating cloud, Villa Cloud
  • The villa has a large area in the garden for weddings and other events. Site capacity: more than 50 guests
  • The master bedroom offers magnificent views of the Indian Ocean. The spherical shape of the inner space creates an extraordinary feeling of harmony and tranquility.
  • Huge double bed, lounge zone with antique teak armchairs, onyx art objects, bedsides made of petrified wood, which is 15,000,000 years old
  • Five-meter high ceilings with soaring lamps, created by the authors of the project from hundreds of petals, make the atmosphere of the bedroom truly unique.
  • The other 2 bedrooms are located on the ground floor of the villa. Unusual large windows offer views of the themed cactus garden.
  • 2 bathrooms made of marble blocks
  • In one of the bedrooms, as well as in the living room, there are real works of art created by nature itself from the roots of a giant tree. One of the horses serves as a dressing room, while the other 2 decorate the living room.
  • The luminous table is created from mosaics of different types of onyx
  • The studio, 150m2 in size, forms a dining area, a kitchen with a bar. It overlooks the pool, garden and rice terraces.
  • All interior details are created from various types of natural marble
  • Unique coffee table made of teak and colored epoxy resin
  • The table for 12 persons is made of 2 types of marble
  • The chess area is made of teak and ebony. Each figurine is handmade by master cabinetmakers

Villa "Pryaniki"
  • The villa consists of 2 bedrooms with separate entrances, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, dining area and a fabulous garden
  • Endless rice fields, emerald in the morning, orange or purple at sunset; ocean a stone's throw
  • An unimaginable atmosphere that cannot be described in words.
  • Virtually all walls are created with unique Timorese-style through carvings, recreated by the architects in every detail.
  • Light fixtures made of copper and bronze are imported from Morocco and create a soft, warm light.
  • An antique bed, brought from the island of Java, has been restored and serves as a sofa, decorated with figurines brought from China
  • The owners brought the antique underframe from the island of Java and added a tabletop made of solid rare marble
  • Aged leather and teak armchairs inspired by Felix Monge furniture
  • Kitchen chest of drawers made by architects according to their own drawings and sketches from artistic panels of ebony and granite, Blum fittings. It is complemented by a composition of antique ebony oars collected from the islands of Indonesia.
  • An additional sofa inspired by 18th century French furniture and an aged mirror with baroque sconces are the center of the composition.
  • Antique teak table
  • One of the walls is a real picturesque painting brought from an old Javanese house.
  • The floor of the living room, kitchen and dining room is made of marble mosaics.
  • Other walls are made of artistic concrete plaster and polished with wax
  • Bedrooms are crafted with handcrafted carved panels and adorned with teak, copper and petrified wood furnishings
  • In the bathrooms, the shower area is made of solid marble and glass
  • Highest quality Kohler and Toto sanitary ware
  • The low fence of the villa is a whole sculptural composition with images of sacred Balinese monkeys. Here stone crocodiles fabulously intertwine, Majerahit trees with wondrous magical fruits guard the perimeter of the kingdom.
  • Indoor swimming pool for spa and water treatments. The carved columns of the pool are inspired by the sculptures of the island of Timor
  • A huge Buddhist teak sculpture and an ancient Javanese gong adorn the recreation area
  • Pebble mosaic floor around the pool

If you are not ready to invest $ 1.990.000 - we offer the opportunity to enter the share of the project from $ 100.000. You can leave your application below.
Everything looks too good. Why is the property for sale?
The sale of Sensation Hotel is the logical conclusion of the project.

All hotel targets are closed. The owners, who are also the designers and builders of the facility, have already fully lived this story: they built the hotel, partially paid for it, lived in it themselves, showed them to friends and the world - they decided that it was time to move on. On the horizon are new ambitious projects that need money and new energy.

Upon request, we can provide a video from the owner explaining the reason for the sale.
Leave a request 👍🏻
What are the guarantees for the occupancy of the hotel by guests?
No guarantees can be given. A hotel is a business. As with any business, there are risks.

The epidemic is not a controlled risk. Hotel loading is controlled. Working with an effective management company, for which the main competence is competent marketing and management, risk control and anti-crisis management of real estate in our segment.
What are the risks?
In terms of natural phenomena and force majeure, Bali is subject to the following risks:

- Volcanoes. There are 4 volcanoes on the island, 2 of them are active. It is impossible to predict a volcanic eruption, but our hotel is located in a green area, at a safe distance from volcanoes.

- Earthquakes. Bali is an island located in the Pacific Ring of Fire. Earthquakes in this region are not unusual.

Earthquakes occur here periodically. The most serious of them occur in the interval of 5/10/20/50 years. The hotel is insured against this phenomenon. We were built taking into account seismic activity - our facilities can withstand magnitude 9 earthquakes.

- Pandemic. During the coronavirus, the tourist flow decreased to a minimum. The rental property niche is going through difficult times. Many objects are at zero load. Nobody is safe from such cases. However, you need to be prepared to do more effective marketing than your competitors.

- Low hotel occupancy. If it's bad to manage accounts on booking services, if you don't work with partners, if you don't focus on marketing, you won't make records for occupancy on word of mouth. Good management is the key to success.
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Sales Chief
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