Investment proposal
Increase your capital by
$ 4,800,000 over 10 years.
Invest in a hotel in Bali

Invest $ 1.990.000 and become an owner
an exclusive hotel with a yield of
4% per annum
Due to the coronavirus,
the hotel price has been reduced by $ 300,000
INVESTMENTS: 1.990.000$
We sell a hotel in Bali for $ 1.990.000.
In 10 years it will bring you ~ $ 4.835.000 net. How?
RENTAL PROFIT: 2.675.000$
We will rent the hotel daily for 10 years. With a load of 65% - we get $ 2.675.000 profit.
For 10 years, selling quality service to guests, the hotel will give $ 1.150.000 profit
How? We will tell you below!
Consists of 3 villas.
This is the most unique boutique hotel in Bali.
First, evaluate it visually:
Figures and Arguments
We have 3 channels of hotel monetization:
Rental. 2.675.000$ - profit for 10 years. How?
Income for 10 years:
  • 1750$ - daily cost of delivery of the entire complex
  • 92% - average hotel occupancy before the pandemic
  • 65% - average market occupancy rate. When calculating, we will start from it.
  • 1.750$ (day) * 30 (days) * 65% (workload) = 34.125$ -- monthly revenue
  • 34.125$ * 12 = 409.500$ - the hotel's annual revenue

4.095.000$ - revenue for 10 years from the commissioning of the hotel under the average market scenario of occupancy

* when loading the hotel in 92% revenue will be 5.796.000$

2.675.000$ - your net rental income for 10 years.
And this is at boot 65%

* - while loading 92% profit will be 3.951.600$

The costs are shown in the financial model.
Leave a request to receive it.
Upselling. ~1.150.000$ for 10 years. By what means?
How you can earn more:
  • personal chef, kitchen, catering
  • SPA
  • excursions
  • personal driver, bike, car, helicopter and superjet rental
  • grocery and premium alcohol delivery
  • hookahs
  • snorkeling, fishing
  • yachts, jet skis, catamarans, boats
  • sale of paintings and decor
  • organization of events
  • photo sessions and video shooting
  • showcase with jewelry
  • organizing a romantic dinner
We have trusted partners who will close all questions. The management company will coordinate everything.

To find out how upsells will bring 1.150.000$ - check out the fin.model.
Capitalization and sale for 3.000.000$. How?
In 5 years the capitalization of the hotel will grow to ~3.000.000$.
After examining 2 links, you will see how this happens:

- Link # 1. Official statistics, arguments and figures

- Link # 2. Competitive analysis
4.835.000$ - final calculation of profit
Profit calculation for 10 years:
2.675.000$ rental profit
1.150.000$ upselling
3.000.000$ hotel sale
1.990.000$ purchase price of an asset
4.835.000$ - net profit for 10 years.

* The sale of the hotel is taken into account in the calculations for visualizing the capitalization ☝🏻
** Leave a request for a financial model to receive a detailed calculation of profitability👇🏻
To learn more about the numbers - leave a request and we will send you financial model.
About object
Now we will give you a few more reasons why this hotel is a good investment, why it should be in your portfolio. In the meantime, there is no need to know about it.
20.000.000 subscribers 23.000.000 VIEWS
The hotel is unique in that it is loved by Instagram and Youtube. This is free advertising.

19.836.000 followers on Instagram
Media people who filmed content at the hotel and made a mark

23.000.000 views on Youtube
On videos that were filmed at the hotel.

And we didn't pay a penny for advertising;)
If you are not ready to invest $ 1.990.000 - we offer the opportunity to enter the share of the project from $ 100.000. You can leave your application below.
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